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The course focuses on the major powers' foreign policy namely US, Russia, Germany, Japan, and China. With the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, one of the global poles of power disappeared and the structure of the international system underwent a great transformation. Some international relations theorists believe that no specific structure has come to dominate the international system as it is going through a transition period. According to others, however, a uni-multi-polar structure is in the making while the third group of theorists maintains that a non-compulsory hierarchical structure has been shaped which, in spite of the hegemonic position of the United States, allows other actors a considerable room for maneuver. In any case, such major powers such as Germany, Japan, China, and Russia have emerged along with the US over the period, which influence the international events and developments and whose role may not be overlooked.

Penyembelihan adalah salah satu cara untuk mematikan binatang dan menghalalkan dagingnya. Penyembelihan menurut bahasa ialah Thayyib iaitu mengelokkan. Pengertian kedua adalah Tatmim membawa maksud menyempurnaan iaitu menyempurnakan apa yang diharuskan dengan cara sembelihan. Penyembelihan dari segi bahasa bererti potong atau belah bagi menghilangkan nyawa binatang.

Dari segi syara‘ bermaksud menghilangkan nyawa binatang yang halal dimakan dengan menggunakan alat yang tajam selain dari kuku, gigi, dan tulang untuk membolehkan haiwan itu halal dimakan oleh orang Islam.

Sabda Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam :

“Sembelihan adalah di antara pangkal dagu dan pangkal leher”
(Riwayat Ibnu ‘Abbas)

Sembelihan dalam Islam bertujuan mematikan haiwan dan menghalalkan dagingnya untuk dimakan. Ini berbeza dengan sembelihan dalam agama lain. Sembelihan mereka juga bertujuan untuk mematikan haiwan tetapi tidak menghalalkan dagingnya.

This course deals with the practical aspects of model making in a workshop, embracing workshop practices, modeling techniques and using manual or semi-automated tools

Enrolment key for public : unisza
Enrolment key for Student UniSZA: 20201

Entrepreneurship is a widely used but little understood concept. Often it is equated with new venture creation and small businesses. In recent years governments in both the developed and developing world have seen it as the panacea for economic growth and development and the source of new jobs and business models. The rationale of this module is to introduce participants to the concept of entrepreneurship and its role in economic and business development specifically in agriculture sector.
The course covers the role and responsibilities of an entrepreneur, problems and techniques in management, business planning, project evaluation, marketing, credit, business strategies, and management of resources and current issues of entrepreneurship in agribusiness.

Hello and welcome to Human Resource Management course. In this course, you will be exposed to the functions of human resource management that are the basic fundamental of the course. Besides that, responsibilities and techniques will also be discussed in the topics to ensure the human resource management aspects are being handled at the workplace effectively. 

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We hope you will have a wonderful time and learn a lot about Agribusiness Marketing. This course  discuss the basic principles of agribusiness marketing, which include the marketing concepts and process, marketing approach as well as utility creation. Analysis of marketing and marketing decision-making in product positioning, branding, pricing, promotion and channel of distribution are emphasized. This course also will guide the students to have better understanding key of agricultural marketing issues and concerns and who want to develop analytical skills used to evaluate different marketing problems and programs.

This course aims to enhance (using comprehensive case studies) competencies to evaluate critically the role of professional accountants in society and to reinforce notions of public interest and ethics. It aims to provide an overview of professionalization of accountants and history of accounting. It draws lessons from corporate scandals and the implications for the development of accounting standards and the profession. Based on the context of specific standards such as are share-based payments, employee benefits, revenue, IFRS for SMEs, the standard setting process is evaluated.

This course covers different aspects of food policies which includes to draft nutrition policies and also to do in depth discussion on objectives, strategies, implementation and assessment of each policy. Understanding towards the constant change in food security globally is also being discussed.

The aim of this course is to provide the student the principles of quality control program applied in Diagnostic Imaging and enable them to implement the quality control test in order to maintain the optimum quality of radiographic images and keep the radiation dose as low as practicable. Quality assurance programs directed at equipment and operator performance can be of great value in improving the diagnostic information, reducing radiation exposure, reducing medical cost and improving departmental management

Kursus ini ditawarkan   kepada   pelajar   bertujuan memberi pendedahan berhubung konsep dan kategori akidah, aliran pemikiran, wahyu dan sains. Isu dan cabaran dalam akidah masyarakat Islam juga ditimbulkan. Perbincangan  sains yang terdapat  di  dalam  al-Quran dan hadis ( al-i‘jaz al-‘ilmi) difokuskan kepada konsep wahyu dan sains, tokoh-tokoh sains Islam, sains fizikal, sains hayat, kejuruteraan dan kesenian Islam dan geologi. Perbincangannya dikupas dari aspek persamaan dan perbezaan di antara penemuan sains dengan fakta-fakta yang terdapat di dalam al-Quran dan hadis dan hukum-hukum syariah berkaitan.

Selain  itu, pelajar juga diberi pendedahan ilmu al-Quran merangkumi makhraj huruf dan sifat-sifatnya, hukum-hukum nun sakinah dan tanwin, mim sakinah, mad dan qasar serta waqaf dan ibtida’ dan sebagainya. Anda juga dikehendaki menghafaz surah-surah pilihan.

Kursus Fekah Perubatan: Pengurusan Ibadah Pesakit adalah bertujuan untuk menerangkan secara ringkas isu-isu utama berkaitan dengan fekah perubatan yang sering terjadi kepada pesakit. Pengurusan Ibadah Pesakit Islam ini akan memberi tumpuan khusus kepada ibadah utama iaitu bersuci, solat dan puasa yang merupakan ibadah asas yang perlu diteruskan dalam apa jua keadaan serta memahami keadaan-keadaan yang dibenarkan ataupun diringankan kepada pesakit.

Adalah diharapkan aktiviti ini akan memberi kefahaman awal dan asas berkaitan pengurusan ibadah kepada pesakit. Semoga kita semua sentiasa memastikan ibadah kita, ahli keluarga dan pesakit yang kita uruskan dilakukan dengan cara yang betul.

This course is offered by faculty of economics and management sciences.

As institutions whose foundations are based on Islamic doctrines, Islamic financial institutions must operate within the ambit of Islamic principles and laws. These principles are the acceptable modes of operations to be used by Islamic financial institutions in delivering their products and services. Besides highlighting the requirements of Shari’ah in commercial transactions, this course will cover five categories of Shari’ah principles governing commercial transactions.

This course is intended to train and nurture the skills in public speaking. The students are exposed to principles of public speaking, using proper body language and writing the speech text. Students’ self confidence in public speaking is gradually developed through many practices.

You will need an enrollment key to join this course. The enrollment key is poiuyt

Note: f you are UniSZA students registered for this course as a part of the requirement for your programme of study, the enrollment key for your group will be provided during the first face-to-face class meeting.

Hari ini Islam adalah agama kedua terbesar di dunia. Masyarakat dunia telah  diasak oleh media massa   yang mengambarkan Islam dengan gambaran yang silap, sehingga melahirkan fenomena Islamphobia. Dalam kursus ini, anda akan didedahkan  beberapa salah faham terhadap Islam dalam dunia tanpa sempadan.

Kandungan kursus memfokuskan kepada tajuk   Islam dan  keganasan, Islam dan hukuman jenayah, Islam dan  poligami, Islam dan  fahaman Ateis

Setelah tamat mengikuti kursus ini, anda akan dapat:

  • menerangkan konsep salah faham terhadap Islam
  • menganalisis bentuk salah faham terhadap sesuatu isu dalam Islam  
  • membincangkan kaedah penyelesaian terhadap isu salah faham terhadap Islam.

Thermotherapy consists of application of heat or cold (cryotherapy) for the purpose of changing the cutaneous, intra-articular and core temperature of soft tissue with the intention of improving the symptoms of certain conditions. Cryotherapy and thermotherapy are useful adjuncts for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and soft tissue injuries. Using ice or heat as a therapeutic intervention decreases pain in joint and muscle as well as soft tissues and they have opposite effects on tissue metabolism, blood flow, inflammation, edema and connective tissue extensibility. This course was designed to allow students opportunities to understand the basic theory related to the use of physical agents. The topics discussed will cover the pain mechanism, introduction of physical agents as well as apply physical agents and safely according to conditions. It also includes ethical values and professionalism related to the application of electrotherapy modalities. This course is delivered through lecture and practical classes as well as student-centered learning. This course consist of high impact educational practice (MOOC). At the end of the course, the student will attain  theoretical knowledge and apply physical agents for treatment according to conditions. They also amend the ethical values and professionalism .