Thermotherapy consists of application of heat or cold (cryotherapy) for the purpose of changing the cutaneous, intra-articular and core temperature of soft tissue with the intention of improving the symptoms of certain conditions. Cryotherapy and thermotherapy are useful adjuncts for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and soft tissue injuries. Using ice or heat as a therapeutic intervention decreases pain in joint and muscle as well as soft tissues and they have opposite effects on tissue metabolism, blood flow, inflammation, edema and connective tissue extensibility. This course was designed to allow students opportunities to understand the basic theory related to the use of physical agents. The topics discussed will cover the pain mechanism, introduction of physical agents as well as apply physical agents and safely according to conditions. It also includes ethical values and professionalism related to the application of electrotherapy modalities. This course is delivered through lecture and practical classes as well as student-centered learning. This course consist of high impact educational practice (MOOC). At the end of the course, the student will attain  theoretical knowledge and apply physical agents for treatment according to conditions. They also amend the ethical values and professionalism .